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Lyn Corbray
Sor Lyn, por Тхе Мичо
Título(s) herdeiro da Casa Corbray
Lealdade Casa Corbray
Lordes Declarantes
Cultura Vale
Livro(s) A Guerra dos Tronos (Aparece)
A Tormenta de Espadas (Mencionado)
O Festim dos Corvos (Aparece)

Ser Bonifer Hasty, also known as Bonifer the Good,[1][2][3] is an old knight from the Stormlands. He is tall, thin and known for his piety; he leads the Holy Hundred. He is a friend of Lord Orton Merryweather. In his youth, Ser Bonifer was a promising knight in tourneys, but when the love of his life married someone else, he turned away from seeking glory to devote himself to the Faith of the Seven.[4]


Ser Bonifer served under the grandfather of Lord Orton at some point.[4]

According to Barristan Selmy, Princess Rhaella and Bonifer Hasty were once infatuated with one another prior to the princess' official betrothal to her brother Prince Aerys. Ser Bonifer once wore the princess' favor in a tourney in which he defeated all challengers to name Rhaella his Queen of Love and Beauty. Their love was ultimately a brief thing. It could never have been otherwise; Ser Bonifer was of far too low birth to even be considered as a suitor for a princess of royal blood. When Rhaella married Aerys, Ser Bonifer found solace in religion, saying that only the Maiden could replace Rhaella in his heart.

Eventos recentes

A Fúria dos Reis

He and the Holy Hundred join King Renly I at the beginning of the War of the Five Kings. Upon Renly's death, he joins King Stannis I. He takes part in the Battle of the Blackwater where he is taken prisoner with his men. He submits to Joffrey.[1]

A Tormenta de Espadas

Ser Bonifer kneels in front of King Joffrey I, who forgives him.[5]

O Festim dos Corvos

He and the Holy Hundred accompany Ser Jaime Lannister to take Riverrun. On the way, they stop at Harrenhal, where Ser Bonifer is provisionally named governor of the castle during Lord Petyr Baelish's absence.[4] He is selected as Castellan of Harrenhal to heal the wounds left behind in the Riverlands by the likes of Gregor Clegane, Vargo Hoat, Amory Lorch and Roose Bolton. As Ser Bonifer hails from the Stormlands, he has neither any enemies to feud with nor any allies to reward along the Trident, and he and his Holy Hundred have an excellent reputation for justice, sobriety and discipline.

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